11 Palermo Cove Secret Harbour

New Members

We love new members and welcome all ages and fitness levels to apply to our club to take part in our initiatives and programs.

New Members

We love new members and welcome all ages and fitness levels to apply to our club to take part in our initiatives and programs.

Welcome to our club!

Before completing our registration forms, browse the member types, fees and important member information on this page.

Member Types

Also known as Junior, 5-13 years old members participate in the Nippers program from October to March each year. Each Nipper must be accompanied by a parent guardian who is also a member. We recommend both parents join to ensure your Nipper is always accompanied.

There are two types of Crusaders, Youth Crusaders are 13-17 years old and are working towards their Surf Rescue Certificate and Bronze Medallion each season, while Senior Crusaders are 18 to 25 years old who work towards their Bronze Medallion each season, but also advanced awards such as the IRB and jet ski advanced rescue techniques. Crusaders enjoy a fulfilling program of skill building, adventure, teamwork and leadership.

Active members have their Bronze Medallion and join the patrol roster, contributing to valuable lifesaving services each season.

Long service members have their Bronze Medallion and have served the club continuously for 10 years or more.

Secret Harbour SLSC Long Service Members

  • Vanessa Aikins
  • Daniel Andrew
  • John Cahill
  • Mark Dove
  • Matt Evans
  • Joe Ford
  • David Howarth
  • Sarah Lowe
  • Alannah Maurice
  • Samuel Maurice
  • Lee McGovern
  • Brendan Privilege
  • Rohan Pugh
  • Lorry Rule
  • Nathan Sturgeon
  • Mark Thomas
  • Ron Wade
  • Matthew Wilson
  • Matthew Osborne
  • Grant Stirling
  • Iain Lund
  • Stuart Reeves
  • Nicola Awang
  • Craig Graydon
  • Lesley Santer
  • Peter Traeger
  • Timothy Wilson

Life members are awarded free membership for extensive service to the club. They are non-voting members and are non-active.

Secret Harbour SLSC Life Members

  • David Andrew
  • Robyn Bevan
  • William Bevan
  • Marie Bennetts
  • Debbie Bird
  • Stephen Ford
  • Mark Hainsworth
  • Max Hannah
  • Richard Lowe
  • Ross Onions
  • Wayne Parker
  • Megan Williams
  • Garry Williams
  • Carolyn Wilson
  • Digby Wilson
  • Kim Wade
  • Ron Wade
  • Peter Traeger

Award members may hold one or more of these qualifications: Surf Rescue Certificate, First Aid, Radio, Resuscitation Certificate or Advanced Resuscitation Certificate and can be on the patrol roster. These members can also volunteer in specialist or supportive service roles within the club.

Usually Nipper parents who do not have a special role or qualification in lifesaving services, associate members are covered by club insurance during club events and have access to club facilities and social events.

Nippers and new members registration day

Join our club and become part of a long tradition in surf safety and beach lifestyle!

Visit our club on registration day (Sunday 15th September 2024 10am – 2pm) to complete your membership registration, meet with Nipper families, Crusaders, Age Managers, trainers and assessors and club officials and have all your questions answered. Tour the club and grab your merchandise so you’re ready for season start and pop your name down on the volunteer registers.

Be sure to bring a birth certificate or driver’s license for all new members, including parent and guardians, who will each need to register separately to support any Nippers joining the club.


Fees for members are for the entire season and except for social members, are renewed in August and September each year. Family packages are available, and discounts are available for students 16-21 years old, active members over 60 years old, for age group managers and long service members. Life members do not pay fees.

Fees for new members can be paid by cash or EFTPOS at the club office.

Both parents/guardians are required to be a member to accompany Nippers during Nipper activities and throughout the clubhouse or at competitive events. We understand not all families have two parents or guardians. Please contact the office to ask us how to seek assistance from the Board of Management in getting an exemption.

We are a KidSport Registered Club, for information and application procedures visit the Kidsport Website.

Important information for members


Our club runs smoothly thanks to the efforts of all members in volunteering at least 5 hours of time each season. We value time spent and keep a register of all volunteering. At the end of each season, all volunteers are welcome to join our volunteer thanks event, it’s our way of recognising the valuable work each of our members do.

All volunteers must have a Working with Children card. Parents with children under 18 years old who are also members of the Club are exempt unless attending overnight camps.

Member Protection Policy

We take the safety of all members seriously. Our club follows the Member Protection Policy set out by Surf Life Saving Australia and the screening policy by Surf Life Saving Wester Australia.

How to become a new member

The membership period is 1 October to 30 September annually.

Please bring the following when joining for the first time:

  • Birth certificate, driver’s license or passport
  • For children under 15 registering for the summer nipper/youth programs requires a parent or legal guardian to register with the club for insurance purposes.
  • SLSA member form – one for each member joining including nipper parent/guardians and Nippers
  • Secret Harbour SLSC member form (adults only)
  • SHSLSC volunteering form (adults only including Nipper parent/guardians, social members are excluded)

Your membership will be accepted pending approval by the Board of Management and will be made active when all forms are completed, submitted to the office and fees are paid.